Green Tip of the Day!

Replace your yellow incandescent light bulbs with the fluorescent light bulbs or tubes as an efficient energy measure. These light bulbs not only give you brighter illumination but will also result in cheaper electricity bills.

Name Green!

How many "GREEN" things can you name? 1. Tree 2. Green apple 3. Grass... What next? Tell us all the green things you can think of at Let us see who can guess the maximum number of "GREEN" things!


Congrats to all the members for making 'Save Energy, Save Environment' Cause reach 1000! Great to see that you are conscious about saving energy & the environment. All of you can join us on our facebook page at and share with us…Read More

Thank you!

Thank you all for supporting our cause "Save Energy, Save Environment". An initiative by Havells India Ltd. towards a better environment. Join us at and be a part of our cause.

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