Helping the cause of developmentally disabled and minimal brain damaged children.

YRCHC is not just a non-governmental organisation or a school of a different kind, it is the realisation of a long cherished dream; it is a social movement; it is an infinite process. Our mission is to provide a quantum leap for the welfare and rehabilitation of children whose only fault is to have been born without normal faculties. Ensuring this welfare is the collective responsibility of a progressive and egalitarian society of which these children have a right to be an integral part.
Our mission is- to make our students part of the new India, which is full of aspiration and hope; to be fully equipped to overcome any problem or difficulty and to strive ahead to be useful members of the society. WE are dedicated to serving the needs of multiply handicapped children, and its principal aims are to:

• Maintain a motivated, dedicated and quality oriented team of professionals

• Educate and prepare multiply handicapped children to live within the community, having achieved threefold independence- physical, social and financial- to the best of their abilities

•Provide therapy and counseling appropriate to their needs.

•Actively contribute to programs towards building social awareness through media.

•Conduct critical research in key areas of special education and training with their limited resources.

•Provide expert legal advocacy to such persons and their families.

•Trying and promote mutually beneficial relationships with international organisations which have similar objectives.

•Contributing to the training and development of manpower in the field of special education.

•Utilize science/technology to facilitate their physical and mental growth.

1. Physiotherapy Classes,Vocational Training Classes,Speech Therapy Classes,Specialized Education Classes,Clay Modeling Classes

2. Rehabilitation Centre

3. www.yrchc.com

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