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The Slaughter of the Innocent Unborn, a Lenton Reflection by David E. Dowd

The work of Fr. Paul Marx was near and dear to the heart of Fr. John Hardon SJ. I hope you will join me in remembering the soul of Fr. Paul Marx OSB in our prayers. In Christ, Dave

The Slaughter of the Innocent Unborn, a Lenton Reflection
by David E. Dowd

The Easter Triduum is a good time to meditate on the ruthless slaughter of the Unborn. In honor of Fr. Paul Marx OSB, who was called from this life at 8:10 am on March 20, 2010, I've been reading "Faithful for Life" and "the Death Peddlers". I'd like to share some excerpts for our meditation.

Remembering the mindset that swept the Roman ruling class during the time of Jesus which our dear Lord submitted to as the Lamb who would be slaughtered, we look at the mindset that swept the ruling class of our age when innocent unborn are being slaughtered.

On pg 51 of "Faithful for Life" Fr. Paul Marx writes, "Abortion providers in the early days, as I have noted, charged that abortion was a "Catholic" issue. "Do you want the Catholic hierarchy to make all the moral rules?" they repeatedly asked. With this piece of dishonesty, the baby killers taunted the uninformed public, exploiting the latent anti-Catholic virus in teh American culture. The abortionists were satanically clever. And Satan never sleeps. The Psalmist called Satan a "practiced deceiver"
Father writes on page 52: "Today we are faced with legalized mercy killing. Human life is one continuum, from conception to natural death. Eiether all are safe under one and the same law or no one is safe. Or, as a famous gynecologist observed after the Supreme Court justices wrote that there was no agreement as to the beginning of human life, human life begins at the beginning, with conception/fertilization, and is like a developing chain: if you break the chain before birth, you have abortion. If you break the chain after birth, you have euthenasia. How much deeper must Americans sink into infamy before they awaken to the truth? But nothing blinds like serious sin! And we have become a very sinful nation, using our money and influence to propel the contraception-sterilization-abortion-euthenasia movement all over the world. Would that all America could see what I have seen and experienced."

Father Paul Marx wrote these words in his autobiography which was published in 1997.

In 1971, he wrote, "The Death Peddlers" This expose on the beginnings of the abortion movement in the USA pulls back the curtains and lets us see exactly what was happening to unleash the demon of abortion in our country.

In the preface, Fr. Paul writes, "The qualified success of the abortion movement in the United States is due largely to public apathy and a massive propaganda barrage. The apathy, in turn, is in part due to the pro-abortionists success in convincing the public that abortion is a narrowly religious issue which should be regulared by conscience rather then by law. The correct assessment is that all laws are at least to some extent concerned with morality (though not with religion), that the basic reason for society's existence is to protect innocent life, andthat the curcuial question of someone's life or death may not safely be entrusted to someone else's conscience."
Father wrote, "The purpose of this book is to set forth the pro-abortionist surrounded by his peers. In vain will the reader search for any recognition that preborn children are human beings whose death is to be regretted, or that adults who assume the pleasures of sex may not kill in order to avoid its responsibiilties."
Father Paul Marx OSB wrote these words in October, 1971.

Our nation had legalized contraception in the 1965 Griswold v Connecticut decision written by Justice William O'Douglas. Roe v Wade would legalize abortion in 1973.
The warnings written by Pope Paul VI in the 1968 Humanae Vitae went unheeded by this nation. When Fr. Paul Marx OSB met Pope Paul VI four days after Roe v Wade, in Rome, Pope Paul VI said to Father Paul Marx OSB, "You are a courageous fighta; never give up"

As we consider what has happened...

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