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The Launch of the Culture of Death in the USA. Senator Packwood's role. from Faithful for Life by Fr. Paul Marx

The Launch of the Culture of Death in the USA. Senator Packwood's role. from Faithful for Life by Fr. Paul Marx

That Meeting

Fr Paul Marx attended a meeting in Los Angeles where the culture of death was launched in the United States.

"Eminent doctors, heads of hospitals, Planned Parenthood officials, lawyers and judges, health insurance executives, Protestant ministers, Senator Robert Packwood, and many other significant persons in legal and medical fields" ( pg. 41. Faithful for Life) gathered for "Therapeutic Abortion - A symposium on Implementation" It was to run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 22-24 January 1971. (It is important for the reader to remember this date: a full two years before Roe v Wade) (pg.41 Faithful for Life)

Centerpiece statement by Professor Irvin Cushner, formerly deputy secretary of the Department of Health. Education, and Welfare, also of UCLA's School of Medicine, later the head of Obstetrics and Gynecology and perhaps one of the country's most competent gynecologists,

"I suggest to you that for the individual, the role of abortion will be, as it has been, the second line of defense against harmful pregnancy and the unwanted child. These are contraceptive failures. The societal role will require that we see family planning in a true light; no matter how thinly you slice it, ladies and gentlemen, family planning is a euphemism. We don't intend or desire to prevent conception for conception's sake; we want to prevent conception because of what follows conception. Family planning is the prevention of births, and as birth is the end of a sequence which begins with the sexual urge, then family planning is anti-conception, anti-nidation (abortifacient), and the termination of the conceptus if implanted. This is the social role of abortion in the future. (pg. 48 in Faithful for Life)

Father Paul wrote: "I wish I could frame the above paragraph, put it on the wall in front of every Catholic priest's desk, and urge him to read it twice a day. (ibid.)

During the three day nightmare, I wished every bishop, priest and religious were there to hear the many other candid acknowledgments that contraception was the logical prelude to abortion. (pg. 49, Ibid.)

In connection with teaching family sociology, I have looked into the history of contraception and confirmed the fact that it has always led to abortion, Note this statement of the great Jesuit theologian, Fr. John Hardon:

"I do not believe the pro-life movement will succeed unless those who are strongly pro life are also defending the teaching of the Church from the first century -- that contraception is a grave sin. For many years I have taught a course on the history of contraception. Now over 5,000 years of recorded history, all contraceptive societies became abortive societies. Contraception leads inevitably to abortion and abortion always leads to the destruction of society. (pg. 50, Ibid.)

Father Paul carefully traced the role of Senator Bob Packwood, the later disgraced Senator from Oregon, and his mentoriing role in driving abortion laws in Washington toward legalization. Packwood addressed the meeting over the phone. Packwood confided "most legislators, not least the members of Congress, wished the Supreme Court would take them off the hook" ("Alas", Fr. wrote, " seven justices did just that" (pg. 44. ibid.)
Packwood coached his avid audience, "It is going to take fifteen or twenty states to bring down the law, and possibly three or four years for Congress. To help launch the process, Packwood said he would introduce abortion liberalization bill in the District of Columbia. After the symposium, Packwood did just that. (pg. 45. ibid)
But he gave further advice: he 'goaded the Defense Department in allowing and promoting abortion." (pg.45.ibid)
Indian Reservations and Alaskan Eskimo settlements were next targeted.
He was appalled that the Tidings Family Planning and Population Act did not include funds for abortion so he proposed "a grant be made to Chicago's Planned Parenthood, for example...

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