Help free innocent people in Florida prisons

Not all exonerees have walked out of prison... 13 men have been released in Florida after spending, on average, 20 years wrongfully imprisoned until DNA testing proved their innocence. 12 walked out into the bright light of freedom. 1 did not. Tragically,…Read More

Join our sons' Cause...

By joining this cause, you are helping to fight for justice for Cecil and James and their rightful freedom...Please, join the cause and pass this to all your friends and loved ones...Thank You...Sharon & Cecil Simmons (Parents)

To answer some questions:

I have been asked why I do not link some of my sons documents revealing case history. To me, this is placing both sons in a precarious situation. Too many innocent have gone back to trial only to find the state has jail house snitch or prison inmate that…Read More

A mother's thoughts...

No matter how hard I try, I can not become unaware that another Mother's Day is around the corner, and I am denied this day with my sons due to a Wrongful Conviction by our judicial courts. I know so many think: I should be Thankful, they are alive and I can…Read More

Brothers: Cecil and James Simmons..needs an investigator

We have recently learned the investigations for our sons being conducted, are not. Due to lack of funds, the Innocence Project of Florida no longer has an investigator not only leaving our sons without their need to expose the 'real' truth, but, others within…Read More

Bad Lawyering

Sharon Simmons just posted a link to your cause, Help to 'Rectify' the Wrong! ( Article as this needs to be viewed by general public...awareness to the inner actions of lawyers and court room theatrics need…Read More


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