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Valentine's Day Gifts - Give to somone special and give to the cause!

Hey everyone,
I know it's been awhile since I've posted a bulletin. Truth be told, I'm not on Facebook as much anymore, but I wanted to let you all know of this AWESOME opportunity to raise money for the cause.
Still need a Valentine's Day gift for someone special? Why not give help the Fibromyalgia Association at the same time?
I was contacted by the Causes application team about a program they're running which is a great opportunity for us to raise some money for our cause. You may have seen advertising for it on the Causes application already and I've got details. Every time someone buys a Valentine's Day gift using the unique link for the cause (which I am including), $10 dollars will be donated to our cause. So says the announcement: "Gifts are sold at their normal prices and sourced from the very best flower shops (ProFlowers is our U.S. provider)" You can get flowers or other gifts while giving to a charity that is really deserving!
I hope some of you take advantage of this opportunity and that we can use it to raise some much needed funds.
Here is the unique link for our cause to use:
Thank you for all your support and your continuing work to support each other and the cause!
Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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