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My National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day T-shirt Campaign

Hi guys, first of all, thank you for all your support for the cause. Second I'd like to let all of you in on a project i have going on for the National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day that is coming up on May 12th. I have created a T-shirt on and my goal is to get as many people to wear this shirt on May 12th as possible. I'm hoping to spread it to as many parts of the country and the world as possible. In these times when the New York Times is publishing articles that call us crazy and all the news casters are talking about lyrica and fm we need to show the world who the real fibromyalgia sufferers are. I will receive 20% of all sales from Zazzle, which will go directly to the NFA. I encourage you to buy multiple shirts and send the money to the NFA and if you can please include a note that it is for Lizzie's T-shirt Campaign that would be greatly appreciated. Remember to do something for the awareness day if not this. If we all promise to educate one person about what FM really is we could educate the world.
The link to the t-shirt is
if that doesn't work go to Zazzle and search Fibromyalgia, fm, or national fibromyalgia awareness day and look for one titled Fibromyalgia Awareness day t-shirt campaign.
i'd love to hear your stories and see any pictures you have if you choose to take part in this campaign.
Thanks again for your support and any support for this process that you are yet to give!
stay strong, stay active in the FM community, and keep checking this page because some of the stories and advice people are sharing is absolutely AWESOME!! keep up the good work.

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