I need your help

Join my efforts and support my cause! I need volunteers and ideas! I'm trying to raise money for my non-profit!!

The Cause is growing, but I need your help!!

I need you guys to come up with ideas for fundraising events to help me grow this cause.

The cause keeps growing

To all of you that support my cause spread the word!

Were growing Stronger

The more support we can get here will help us in bringing our cause to a higher level!


Added some videos and more content to the site.

Strategic Intervention Group, SIG

Chris Stalnaker just posted a link to your cause, Help Take a Stand Against Meth (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/447972?m=ec23241e): We can make a difference! Thanks, Chris Stalnaker Unm Strategic Intervention Group - Home…Read More

Were still growing Strong! Thank You to everyone!!

Check out the company web site we made some changes and made it more alive. http://www.strategicintervention.webs.com
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