YES they have been found!

 I am so happy to announce the Teen have been found in PHX. They are safe in the PHX police Department. I truly believe all the prayers from all the caring friends brought about the happy ending to this Cause. My wishes to all the members of this Cause is to…Read More


THE KIDS HAVE BEEN FOUND!!!!! My family wants to thank everyone for your support, prayers and offers in helping us find our lost loved ones. They were found in Phoenix, Arizona. They are being held there so they are safe and sound and we are working on…Read More


We are concentrating on Florida, Missouri, Arizona, California, Wyoming, and any state in between. Please continue to pray and Be On the Lookout wherever you may be.


Most likely the Teens are in the area of Palatka, Florida. They were seen at the Walmart #1024 yesterday approx. 1:30 pm and have possibley been there for at least three days. Please Please BOLO. 1995 purple (peeling paint) temp wyo tags (or possibly some…Read More

Possible Sighting!

I hope this is really happening. One of the Facebook friends of mine has a friend in Interlachen, Florida. This friend said she saw the Teens outside the walmart. Kyle was inside the door and Courtney was outside with a sign that said Even a Smile would help.…Read More


The search is leaning toward Southeast possibly toward the Missouri area. Missing and Exploited Children are entering into the search. Please keep a look out no matter where you live. They could possibly be traveling through your area. Thank you and please…Read More

Update for the Cause

To the Members of this Cause. It has been a week today that we last saw and spoke to our loved ones. This week has been filled with many emotions. Anger, fear, sadness, frustrations, hopelessness, are many of the ups and downs. We are not certain why these…Read More
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