A chance to chat with people who understand what your going through, take a break from the "real" world, and give you the support we all need to beat this disease!

I was talking to my fellow CRPS patient Ailsa, a few nights ago and we realised that while other causes have multiple meetings both nationally and internationally for patients and doctors alike, there does not seem to be much offered for CPRS sufferers. We want this to change, so we're aiming to organise a CRPS event in 2011. A chance to meet up, talk to people who understand, and take a break from the "real" world.

If anyone can help with finding a venue, helping with the planning of the event, or with sponsorship to go towards making this event a reality, please let us know. That would be fantastic, and very much appreciated

1. To plan and put on a CRPS retreat.

2. To bring together CRPS/RSD sufferers.

3. To bring together people who may not have all the tools and support they need to beat this disease.

4. To raise awareness, fundraise, and make this a reality!!