Pledge to preserve and protect the night sky above your observing spot, home, business, or corporation and end light pollution. (Amazing photograph by Wally Pacholka~Astropics)

This team helps grow the global unified voice of people committed to unveiling the starry sky for all.
Register pledge at:
• increase starlight over every city
• a StarPark in every community
• the visible Milky Way within 1 hour drive of every child's home, focusing on the state and national parks first.
• 1 thousand observing sites registered as part of the Global StarPark Network

Please accept Astronomers Without Borders (http://www.gam-awb.org) invitation to be part of the collaborative effort to reduce light pollution on a global scale.
First, pledge to reduce light pollution from your own home or business site.
Host a StarParty (big or small) to inaugurate your public observing site as part of the Global StarPark Network. Commit to protect the patch of sky above it. Raise public awareness of light pollution and solutions.

The goals are:
#1. An impressive reduction of light trespass between neighbors.
• house to house,
• business to business,
• business to homes, and
• streetlamps to homes

#2. Creation of at least one StarPark* in every community (*an oasis within even a horribly light-polluted community where thoughtful lighting practices permit the best public viewing of the night sky within the community.)
• A tennis court or sports field by day can be used as a StarPark at night if the lighting is addressed.
• New parks could incorporate a StarPark in the original concept design.
• Good neighbor businesses and churches can offer their parking lots as a StarPark at night for great family activitiy.
• Community nature areas can include a StarPark.
• All currently used areas for public observing sessions, including those hosted by local astronomy clubs, are encouraged to register to help build critical momentum.

Group Training can be offered for the new hosts of these StarParks as to how to conduct a Fun community StarParty. Local astronomy clubs a huge asset here.
Signage encouraged and logos offered free.
Interpretive signage downloadables offered free.
Certificates free.
Blueprints and permission to duplicate gigantic permanent outdoor planisphere offered free.

#3. Bring back the Milky Way over every national and state park!
Vast reduction of SKYGLOW over national and state parks coming from neighboring communities unveiling the Milky Way.
Community commitment can put back the crown of the Milky Way over treasured national and state parks where intrusive sky glow appears now by taking responsibility for the sky glow their community produces.

#4 A StarPark in every national & state park and nature reserve across the globe.

#5 Stargazing/observing listed on all recreational maps along with canoeing, hiking, swimming, fishing, etc.

Intensified across-the-board, across-the-planet, distinctly global at the core~ increased public awareness and activism ~ even if only in it's simplest form, is the greatest step we can achieve towards a starrier night sky... and profound beginnings.

1. The night sky is a natural treasure and should be protected as a natural resource for future generations

2. Light pollution is one of the few reversible forms of pollution. We can end it through proper action

3. Light pollution affects humans, animals, and entire ecosystems—including in ways we don't yet fully understand

4. We have a right to see the Milky Way. Someone stole it and we want it back!

5. Register at http://www.onestar-awb.org/