Save animals like Robert from the horrors of vivisection in U of U Labs and everywhere!

This is a picture of Robert. The University of Utah (UU) paid the Davis County Animal Shelter $15 for this friendly, gentle orange-and-white tabby cat. Laboratory workers decided that Robert, now known as F09-017, would be used in invasive brain experiments.

UU experimenter Bradley Greger cut into Robert's skull to implant electrodes in his brain. A large gash ran from Robert's forehead past his ears.

Thus began a series of experiments in which electrical current was fired through the electrodes, stimulating nerves that caused Robert's legs to move involuntarily. After each experiment, Robert showed signs of trauma: He was tired and groggy, his pupils dilated and his eyes became glassy, and he vomited repeatedly. Over time, this affectionate cat became skittish and withdrawn.

When the undercover investigator eventually left the university laboratory, Robert and other animals taken from a Utah animal shelter did not. Most remained in their tiny cages, enduring one painful experiment after after another until they were either dead or no longer of use to the laboratory.

Help end the suffering of animals like Robert seized from shelters for painful invasive experiments by supporting this cause right now

1. Fight against cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals at the University of Utah and around the world!