Thanks to all

Thank you to all the members of my cause. I hope u all have a happy and safe holiday and wish Josh and Jake could have had one more X-mas with Phil but he will always be with us.

Tuesday the season will come to a end

Tuesday the season will come to a end but we will always remember all those who risk there lives to catch crab for us to eat. I will never forget capt. Phil Harris he will always be in our hearts. His passion and energy inspired many and his memory will…Read More

Wow what an episode

They are showing a lot of Phil in the hospital. How do you feel about them showing all that in this weeks episode and in next weeks episode??????

Dont miss

Dont miss the most heart breaking episode of deadliest catch tomorrow night at 9pm...we love u Phil Harris !!!!!!!

Don't forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All new deadleast catch Tuesday night please don't miss it.......................
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