Help me build God's kingdom...... Did you know that ?

Hi there friends, By becoming a member of this group you permitted me to send you updates and information about We see it grow and see wonderfull things happening. many people are building friendships, pray for each other and help each other. By…Read More

The keywords for are UNITY, RESTORATION and SUPPORT

Hello sweet friends, first of all i want to thank you for you interest in this group. I started this group during the development of the new social community named to keep you informed about the developments of the website. has 3…Read More

39 countries

hello sweet friends..... A couple of months i created this cause so that i could inform people about the vision God gave me to start a safe place on the internet where Unity, restoration and support were the keywords. The 21st of may 2010 i have launched…Read More

Matters of the heart.........

Hello sweet friends, I am troubled...... I can not put my finger on it but i am..... The last week the Lord is showing me about the matters of the heart and than especially about my heart........ Jesus says it is not what goes in or out the mouth wich makes…Read More

I am very honoured to present to you Plz take a look !

Hello my sweet friends, I am amazed and so impressed by what God is doing. he is faithfull and a trustworthy God. What He says he does. What He does is good and helpfull for His children and i am so happy that after months of fierce spiritual battle and…Read More


Hello sweet friends, It is an honour !!! To let you know that last friday we launched..... To launch was such a relieve. The week before launch i was interviewed by national radio, was a speaker at a symposium for social media. The devil was trying to…Read More


Hello sweet friends, As you all know we will launch the website tomorow but a major crash occured. The site has been deleted in one way or another and we are working hard on finding it back....... I feel rest but know that the devil do not…Read More
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