After the day of Pentecost , the Holy spirit began to spread around the whole earth , in the east through Persia, India ,china and into the Americas. In the west the Gospel spread to the Greeks, Romans, Germans and the Celts. Into Africa through Egypt,Libya and Ethiopia and to Zimbabwe, and throughout ARABIA and Syria. Then after a thousand years Abaddon Revelation20:7 was released from his prison and we begin to see the rise of the Warrior groups such as the Seljuks, and Normans .Normans took over the catholic movement who standardize there church and so began there inquisition. In this time the Catholic movement named the Eastern Christians; Muslims. All Europe was corrupted and many Celtic Christians were murdered because they would not adopt the Pagan version of the Gospel. Yet the good spirit of God still flows, We hope to help rebuild Faith in the Messiah Jesus and be reconciled to God.

1. The Holy spirit can remain in you.