Mr. Price is a douche bag...

The parks were set up as conservation lands...poisoning the land and animals would make many a Kennedy pissed off. ...let alone millions of other people. Every time I go to a National Park area here on Cape Cod I end up picking up more than I can carry. …Read More

Information Seminars

I would like to start having informal group meetings to share information about this cause. We need to educate our members about crows, coyotes and other animal and plant life here on Cape Cod. The water table should be discussed as well as our waste disposal…Read More

ALERT!!! The Crows are in DANGER again via the National Seashore!!!

Greetings animal and crow lovers~ I am extremely saddened and discusted that the National Seashore plans to go ahead with their desire to poison the Crows AND possibly the Coyotes with poison eggs. The article on the cover of the Cape Codder (volume LXVI No.…Read More

(no subject)

Hello members and fellow activists~ It has been rather calm on the Crow front but there have been new and not so new violations towards other animals. I, and fellow Crow lover Becca Mullin, attended a meetin at the Cape Wildlife Center regarding lobbying for…Read More

"Crow Poison Plan Killed" Cape Cod Times April 22nd, 2010 Edition

Well done to all Save the Crows members and affiliates...every voice counts and the combined force of local, national and even international allies has put a stop, at least for now, to the abominable plans the National Seashore and Department of Agriculture…Read More

..some more addy's MAIL does NOT have the same impact.

Hello all~ First, great work all around. Your voice is getting heard! Your letters are making an impact..and please snail mail them..we need to get these people actual PAPER to hold onto, they delete emails. Here are a few more addy's to send letters 2: and…Read More

'Provincetown Banner' newspaper cover for April 15, 2010 Crow Poisoning Challenged by the HUMANE SOCIETY!

...FINALLY have some big guns on our side. Check out the article...will try to scan and post but my laptop decided to die today RIP...nothing like a 3 month old computer just stopping. I am going to see if I can get to a scanner today. Check out the article!…Read More
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