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Andrew Griffin just posted a photo to your cause, Save South Tipperary General Hospital (

They marched in their thousands in Monaghan and nenagh and Ennis. The HSE love marches they last half an hour and soon forgotten make little impact in the media.
however they appear to keep everybody happy, the powers that run this country are quite happy with polite protest such as marching and the collection of signatures.
The only benefit I can see from petitions and marching is the photo opportunity, though in the modern fickle media thse benifits are shortlived.
if South Tipperary General Hospital is to retain all the services that make a hospital viable then a new more productive form of protest in going to have to be found.
get your thinking caps on.

Andrew Griffin
I7m Nenagh protest Feb 2009 ( Why this photo matters to the cause:
People should not underestimate the power they hold and if called to demonstrate then get them all out, everyone will be needed to halt this outrage which is happening to the Irish Health system...

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