Energy Secretary Signals Action on Natural Gas Exports

LNG rears its ugly head again. How will it affect us? Secretary of Energy Moniz won't say, except that he is speeding up reviews and that he believes natural gas fracking and LNG exports are a way to go. (in a DC meeting where I was present). This article…Read More

Thanks to all.. LNG Withdrawal one of the top stories of 2011

Readers' Top Stories of 2011 - LNG plans withdrawn Readers-Top-Stories-of-2011-No-3-LNG-plans-withdrawn — Maybe it was a death by a thousand paper cuts. Whatever the reason, in June, Hess LNG pulled its…Read More

More Kudos from the Jamestown Press

The ongoing threat of a liquefied natural gas terminal that Weaver’s Cove planned on building in Mount Hope Bay came to a surprising end in June. The news came from the CEO of Hess LNG, the company that owned Weaver’s Cove – who wrote a press release saying…Read More

Weaver's Cove has 'for sale' sign, but Hess' plans remain unclear

This is the reason we stay together. And Hess has a long time to be vigilant. We have to be JUST as vigilant!​news/x715336079/​Weavers-Cove-has-for-sale-sign-​but-Hess-plans-remain-unclear

Boston Public Safety Officials Urge Extra Caution on LNG In Wake of Bin Laden Death

One more reason we don't want LNG amid our populated towns of the Narragansett Bay. Neither does Boston - “Clearly this is another reminder that the LNG tanker is not good for the city of Boston,” said Mayor Menino’s spokeswoman, Dot Joyce. ‘Vigilant now…Read More

Potential LNG anchorage proposed offshore in Rhode Island Sound

According to sources close to federal permitting of liquefied natural gas, it was recently stated, via the Federal Register, that the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has delegated to the U.S. Coast Guard authority that “would remove an…Read More

Thank You

To everyone in the cause No LNG In the Narragansett Bay. Thank you. I try to send a thank you to each individual new member, but we've grown to 600 nearly now, and with Just little old me, it is tough to get one out every day, especially with the other…Read More
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