Free Art Education for the children of San Miguel county.. (There is no art program in the middle or high school)

We are a 501c3: building a high quality after school and summer art education program for the children of San Miguel County, NM

Our first project is a summer camp in June for 2010, we need funding...

At the request of local youth, the Tarnoff Arts Center is hosting a summer arts workshop. This workshop is collaboration between San Miguel County youth, artists, schools and businesses. This collaboration creates a crossroads where youth can explore how their local artistic resources can inform future success. Local youth will explore how to take the sharp contrasts of their community to create a more blended and brighter reality.

San Miguel county youth, artists, school districts and businesses ihave an integral role; thus, this design requires participants to create ways of addressing the issues currently dividing this diverse New Mexican community. Additionally, this program’s design is built for youth to build relationships with peers, community leaders, and elders; hence, creating web necessary for community cohesion. The program’s culminating event has youth share their stories about their experience through story, art and performance.

San Miguel County contains a wealth of resources for youth. However, currently there is no program that brings these resources cohesively together for youth to navigate this wealth. The Tarnoff Arts summer program aims at turning this deficit into a richer soil for youth to thrive.