Back to School

Dear All, Preparing for back to school of God Brothers in Upper Egypt, we need to arrange for 4000 poor students in 5-7 bishobrics. The hot need is the school bags which costs a lot in Egypt. Even with chineese bags, we need a small fortune if purchased…Read More

God has done his wonders in US

Dear all, God helped us in last visit. 1. Visited 11 Villages 2. Visited around 290 family 3. Distributed School supplies,clothes, children underwares, money, Tapes and pictures for saint Mary. 4. Gave away, a bed, fridge, 2 canabas, and more. 5. Talked…Read More

Good News

Just some good news that I want to share with you. In Manflout, our service encouraged teaching Sewing (Drous Khyata). Now, 100 ladies are learning sewing with local resources. They did not use the money we have left to encourage the courses i.e. all teachers…Read More

Soon.... Beds - kanabas (sofas)

May God bless all 5 people who donated with their blood. We are going El Sead very soon. Still need more Beds or Kanabas. If you have any in good shape. Please deliver to church in 3 days time. If you need a car and transportation, please let me know. We…Read More

Urgent - Blood Donation

Dear All, Someonefrom Manflout is now waiting for a heart operation is in big need to 5 people to donate blood for his name. He is now in the Heart "Ma3had" in Embaba. Operation is scheduled for next Wednsday. He may be delayed if no one shows to donate. If…Read More

Help Wanted

Peace be with you.... We need 35 beds (new or almost new) for the service in ElKosya. If u can help, please let us know. In communion of prayers, Adra Dokki Charities

Next Visit

Dear All, Next visit will be on Thursday 22/5/2008. انشاء الله هنوزع 3 عجول ومكرونة وبركه كمان هدوم كتير والتطور الجديد هو وجود دكتور هانى صبحى معانا. مفروض يجى عدد كبير من مرضى العيون للاستشارة والعلاج وكمان حفلة للاطفال فى قرية فقيرة وتوزيع الهدايا و ربنا…Read More
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