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Thank you all for helping to achieve this Milestone

Dear All,

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support you have extended to this Cause. I congratulate you for achieving a strength of 1000 today and request you to continue the same rigor and zeal futher.

Tigers are vanishing a lot faster than we anticipate. 1411 was the last official figure. I am sure the actual conditon is worse than we can even think of. Its time we stood up for saving Our heritage, our National animal. We need to protect the legacy we wish to pass on to our future generations.

Speak up, scrap, post, blog, discuss, share ideas and thoughts. Make awareness, Join the Roar. Please invite all your friends to support the Cause. You can include the link to this Cause in your signatures for your emails, forums, blogs. You can also sign the pledge for inviting your friends on the Cause homepage. Also, please join our Fan Page: . If need be, you can contact me for any help required to help the movement.

Every little bit helps. Save Our Tigers.

Thank you again for the overwhelming response.


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