Our First Canndle Donation Sale !!!!!!!!

Last night was an exciting one for us here at candles for the cure. When I opened my e-mail yesterday evening i saw the first Pay Pal posting for a donation for candles for a cure. It was truely exciting for us! I WOULD LIKE TO SEND OUT A VERY SPECIAL THANKS…Read More

upcommiing news letter, and todays cancer story

Working close with the peaple at nfce I have been made awear that we are going to be in the upcomming e-news letter, I encourage everyone to join on the mailing list at www.nfcr.org. Treatments and drugs By Mayo Clinic staff Living with cancer…Read More

we need votes


National Academy of Sciences Panel Agrees With EPA Analysis of the Risks of PERC By Daniel J. DeNoon WebMD Health NewsReviewed by Louise Chang, MDFeb. 9, 2010 - PERC really is a "likely human carcinogen," the National Academy of Sciences says. PERC is a…Read More

Donations through Yankabilly Candles

Cancer will come into your life through the peaple you love and know. It will come on it's own time and it's own turms. We can't just tell it to come back later we are busy. I personaly wish I could tell that to dads cancer but I can't. The US goverment dose…Read More

good morning

Six Killers | Cancer Cancer Patients, Lost in a Maze of Uneven Care Todd Heisler/The New York Times Karen Pasqualetto was only 35 and a new mother when a doctor diagnosed advanced colon cancer and gave her six months to live. Sign in to…Read More

why we need support and donations

NFCR's Cancer Patient Assistance Fund (CPAF) is an innovative approach to help those who can not otherwise afford or find appropriate cutting-edge molecular diagnostic testing such as Molecular Profiling and targeted cancer therapies. CPAF service includes…Read More
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