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CJT recruiting challenge (There is a prize involved)


I'd like to thank you again for your continued support and for having joined Caimán Journalism Training's page on Causes. As you know, these numbers are important to us, because they give us access to a group of people who care. This helps us raise funds — not only in the form of donations from members of the Causes page, but also donations from people who are impressed by our Causes page numbers.

Which brings me to the point of this bulletin.

Today, we are kicking off a MONTHLONG RECRUITMENT CHALLENGE. Whoever has the most recruits at 11:59 p.m. on April 9, 2010 will win $5.00 off of any order at That may not seem like much, but have a look and you'll see there's lots of stuff you can get for about that much. Or it could just be a discount on a larger order.

We'll determine the winner by checking the "Top Recruiters" list on the Causes page. Please know that members of CJT's Board of Directors are not eligible to participate in this competition (which means you won't have to worry about competing with my 100-recruit head start).

That said, there are some others who have recruited people already. If you have recruited people already, we will just call your head start a reward for the effort you have already put in. If you don't have any recruits, don't worry. The current second-place recruiter has 6 recruits.

Thanks again for your support. And happy recruiting.

Nicolás A. Jiménez
Chairman, Caimán Journalism Training, Inc.

PS: If have any questions, feel free to ask by writing [email protected]

IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure that you recruit people to the page by using the "invite friends" button on our home page. Do not copy and paste our Causes page URL into emails. If you do, Causes will not be able to recognize those friends as having been recruited by you and it won't get you any closer to the prize.

Causes will allow you to invite 60 people every day. My suggestion is that you invite these people in groups and take the option to add corresponding personal messages. For example, when you invite your friend and family, you might say something like "Please join this cause. It's important to me and would mean a lot." When you invite your boyfriend, you might say "Join this Cause. Now. Or else."

You get the idea. Whatever's persuasive. The link you need to click to add your personal message will show up after you have selected all the friends you are going to invite.

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