True growth happends down...........

True growth happens down. A tree with deep roots can then reach up and out. We do not choose the husk of the seed we are or where we are planted. We are simply commanded to grow. We choose what feeds us. We choose where our roots will flow, what to hold on…Read More

10000 and still counting !!!! Thanks...

Dear All, Today we are a group of more than 10000 ppl for the cause of "saving trees in India"...It indeed was a remarkable journey in all these 8 months......Thanks for joining the cause and inviting frns......Do plant trees in the neighbouring areas and…Read More

Happy New year 2011

Dear all, wish u all a very happy and joyous happy new year 2011. May al ur wishes, which somehow could not be fulfilled in 2010 be accomplished in 2011. Pls plant tree on 1/1/ 11 to mark the occassion. Help it grow and u will find ur happiness…Read More

A tree in the desert

A tree in the desert thirsts for water A tree in the desert gets too much sun A tree in the desert is alone in the freezing night A tree in the desert might never be seen A tree in the desert might never be touched A tree in the desert may or may not thrive A…Read More

The tree

The tree where little kids come to meet where flowers grow around where teenagers crowd together by where couples seem to chat where women read books where men climb on with their son the tree the tree of life and hope the tree of love the tree of…Read More


Dear All, congrats to you all on ur group reaching 800 members....In last 2 months itself we have added 300 members.....Today is Gandhi ji's and Shastri ji's B'day....Let us all plant one tree at least to celebrate the occassion...Trust me planting one tree…Read More

Plant trees in rainy season

Hi all, let me first congratulate u all for your group reaching 500 memebers....It is a gr8 achievemet.... While it is good that we keep on planting trees all through out the year, some times saplings fail to find conducive atmosphere, when planted in…Read More
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