Book on Minorities of Cyprus

Dear all, I wish to announce the publication of the first book that deals with the development of the minorities of Cyprus. (eds.) Varnava, Andrekos, Coureas, Nicholas and Marina Elia, The Minorities of Cyprus: Development Patterns and the Identity of the…Read More

Happy New Year and Invite your friends!

Hi all, Thank you for joining this important cause. 2009 promises to be a big year for the minorities of Cyprus with the government of Cyprus planning a number of significant reforms. Please invite your friends to join so that we can make it to 500…Read More

Cypriot Maronite Arabic

I have just been informed that Cypriot Maronite Arabic will be finally recognised as a language by the government of the Republic of Cyprus! well done to all those who worked for this! Don't forget to invite your friends to this cause!

Movement for the Salvation of Cyprus - Xenophobia in Cyprus

I sooo know what these guys are on about... How many times have I caught the members of my cricket team (Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans) on their mobile phones to the Turkish mafia when they should be bowling to me at practice... This group is a menace…Read More

Trips to Kormakitis, Soup Magar and Old Famagusta

During the organisation of the conference I discussed with many people my desire to visit Kormakitis and Soup Magar Monastery. I was told that the best time to do so was in Spring when the mountains were covered in flowers. So I am proposing a day trip to…Read More
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