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The Pocono Equestrian Center with assistance from our anonyous is bailing out # 921 in the am from Camelot. Interested in bailing out 919 Red Haffie and/or 927 paint if anyone wants to assist us please let us know. Send your donation to…Read More

Bad night for 47 horses....

47 horses fates are in everyones hands tonight there were no interested people to save these horses in NJ/Camalot Kill Pen Prices range from 100-$600 but with all of the costs; it will be about $1000-$1500 to save one. there are several rescues trying but if…Read More

Comedy and Horse Rescue?

If U like comedy. Donating $20 to our org to get 2 tickets to the Baltimore Comedian Factory, MD? w/ 1 yr exp. once we get them printed. Normally it is a $17 admission fee. The comedians are from HBO, and open and close for the big guys. If we do this as a…Read More
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