Our focus is to help young people stay healthy and whole by choosing to be a "Champion of Life" over taking drugs or alcohol, smoking and other destructive choices.

Champion's of Life is a non profit organization dedicated to supporting youth and their families as they fight for their destiny.

We pledge to support youth who are fighting to make good choices by providing as many fun alternatives to drugs and alcohol, and giving as much community support as we can muster.


Providing a variety of activites for youth and their families, Champion's Hall is located in St. Andrew's Plaza Shopping Center at 135th and Flint,Overland Park. It is home to Hartley's Karate, The Refuge Coffeehouse , music venue and ballroom.

We currently have one operating location that is being developed as a model for youth centers that will soon spread across our free nation.

1. It is important for kids to have somewhere they can have fun without being bombarded with negative peer pressure.

2. Positive peer pressure is MORE important than telling kids what NOT to do.

3. It IS possible for someone to have an exciting social life without the influences of drugs and alcohol.