Don't forget Mom!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, have you bought your gifts yet?  Be sure to shop with FTD – ( – and Prevent Child Abuse America will earn 20% on all orders.  If you prefer to shop by phone, be…Read More

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

This Thursday, April 1, marks the beginning of Child Abuse Prevention Month when organizations and communities across the country will promote the importance of healthy child development and child abuse prevention.  As one of the more than 3.5 million people…Read More

Lets Put an End to Child Trafficking!

Too many sex offenders (convicted & not yet) use our children to fulfill their sick fantasies. By stopping the child sex trade, we will be able to greatly decrease the number of children that are affected.

Thank you for helping us reach over 5,000 Members!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone that has helped support this cause & a special thank you to anyone that shopped with FTD and helped PREVENT CHILD ABUSE AMERICA. I would like to remind everyone to PLEASE use appropriate language. I know this is a very hot…Read More

Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone for joining and especially those that have helped this cause grow. By inviting your friends, donating your status, and spreading the word, you can really make a difference. Spring has traditionally been a season of change and…Read More

Help Remove Registered Sex Offenders from Facebook

Savanah Fahrney-Day just posted a link to your cause, Stop all Sex Offenders from using Facebook ( Facebook has a policy that does not allow sex offenders to join, but we all know criminals are not always…Read More
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