To stop sex predators from using facebook and other social networks to find victims.

This cause was created to stop sexual predators from using social networking sites, such as Facebook & Myspace, and the internet to find victims. Because not all sexual predators are on a registry (either because they have not been caught or are not required to register), it is impossible to stop all sexual predators from using the internet.

Knowledge is power! This cause will encourage members to educate themselves & their loved ones without causing panic.

Information will also be provided on how to spread awareness & assist in changing the policies that govern sex offender registries.

Although this is a topic that upsets many people, lets focus on energy on fighting back legally & morally instead of violently or with foul language.

1. To protect children from sexual predators

2. To encourage victims to report sexual crimes

3. To educate the public on how to protect themselves

4. To push for increased punishments & stricter registration policies for sex offenders