Help Turn The Tide for an Energy [R]evolution!

Chuck Baclagon November 4 at 7:33pm The World needs action, not talk in the fight against Climate Change. The Philippines can lead the way. Help us get President Aquino to sign on to a 50% Renewable Energy by 2020 Roadmap for the Philippines! Sign up on the…Read More

Join us at the Solar Cafe this Saturday

Dear friends, Want to taste coffee powered by the sun? Then join us for at the Greenpeace Solar Café this Saturday, June 12, from 10am until 8pm at the Rooftop Park of Trinoma, Level 4, near Starbucks. We will be serving free coffee with the partication of…Read More

Mission accomplished!

Last Monday, millions of Filipinos went on to elect the next Presiden of the Philippines. The good news is, the next President—whoever it will be—has pledged to take steps to protect our water resources from climate change impacts during his or her first…Read More

Tell your presidential candidate to protect our water resources

A couple of weeks ago Greenpeace launched a week-long Water Watch Camp to bring attention to and monitor the effects of the current El Niño episode on Angat Dam. The dam supplies 97% of Metro Manila’s household and industrial water requirements, irrigation…Read More

Take action! Pledge to save water now!

Hello friends, Question: Which consumes more water: taking a bath using a pail and dipper (tabo) or a 10-minute shower? Answer: Shower. A regular-size pail is about 15-20liters (1 dipper = 1liter) which is how much one will use to take a bath. When we use…Read More

Saan galing ang tubig na iniinom nyo? (Where does your drinking water come from?)

Ang tindi ng init ng panahon ngayon ah. Hindi kaya kakapusin na tayo ng tubig? Tanong lang... Saan galing ang tubig na iniinom mo? Pumunta sa link sa baba para sagutin ang katanungan

Thank you for joining us last Saturday

In behalf of all the organizations that participated during the WWF-led Earth Hour, we would like to extend our sincerest 'thanks' to everyone who went to Malate Church, last Saturday. May this Earth Hour bring us evermore closer to a greener and peaceful…Read More
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