Feast of the Holy Innocents

For your every Mass intention, ask that just one woman, intent on abortion, may change her mind and save her baby...and herself. God bless you.

It's so simple, really

Try to arrive at church a few minutes before Mass begins to collect yourself and ask God our Father that, through this Holy Sacrifice, just one women, intent on abortion, may change her mind and save her baby...and herself. Please join the cause. No donation…Read More

God listens

Saturday, August 27, Bill Cotter of Operation Rescue, Boston, reported that the number of babies saved via sidewalk counseling in 2011 is 76. That's just in Boston, and that's just what OR knows. All you need to do is to ask God to change an abortion-minded…Read More

I prayed for you today...

+JMJ+ Holy Trinity In fact, I pray for you every morning. And I ask the Author of Life to tell your angels to remind you of your Mass intention. Through the intercession of Our Lady of the Visitation, who carried the unborn Jesus to visit and consecrate the…Read More

Go out and spread the Good News!

God listens to, and answers our prayers...especially when offered through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Please invite your friends to join the cause "Save a baby, one Mass at a time." The rewards are infinite! Thank you, and may the Author of Life…Read More

The Church is growing!

In the glorious Easter Season, let's remember that on Easter, countless numbers of candidates and catechumens have come into full communion with the Church. If you know any, give them the gift of cooperating with the Author of Life...tell them about the…Read More

Ash Wednesday: a God-given opportunity

Dear Supporter of Save a Baby, One Mass at a Time, Some of us are blessed to be able to participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass several times during the week. Some of us can only make it on Sundays. But it's a safe bet that most of us -- and more…Read More
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