YOU Can End the Brutal Killing of More Than 20,000 Dolphins Every Year in Japan

More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year and their meat is being sold as food in Japan, often labeled as whale meat. Courageous documentary filmmakers infiltrated a remote village in Japan to shed light on this horrible…Read More

Thanks Guys

Thank you to everyone who has posted a story. It's great to see so man memebers with similr experiences to share. This is the reason I created this cause. I am well aware there is no facility to donate money directly to SCBU, this is because unfortunately…Read More

Thanks for Joining!

It's good to see so many people have joined and are so passionate about this cause. While it's great that so many of us mummies and daddies who have had our own stint in the SCBU flat, it's also really lovely to see so many members who aren't parents at…Read More
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