Outstanding News regarding the Case of the Talisay Three

All trumped up charges against Charity Dinio, Billy Batrina and Sony Rogelio have been dismissed. They have been released without conditions. It has been a long four year struggle for the Talisay three, the end result is unconditional victory. Since…Read More

Political Prisoners in Batangas Provincial Jail Commence Hunger Strike

International Political Prisoners Day, Ginunita sa Batangas: Mga Bilanggong Pulitikal, Nag-Hunger Strike; Mga Kaanak at Kaibigan, Nagpa-Kalbo bilang Protesta at Panawagan ng Paglaya Batangas City. Mula kahapon ng umaga, Disyembre 3, naglunsad ng protesta ang…Read More

May 13th Visit to the Batangas Jail

OCHRP was able to visit the Batangas jail on May 13.It was a bit of an ordeal to get to visit the political detainees visiting is much more restricted than before, visiting is allowed only 3 days per week. Our visit required the permission of the governor. In…Read More

Update:Talisay 3 - Case of Arbitrary Arrest, torture and Improper detention

OCHRP was in the Philippines and met with Karapatan - Batangas on May 3rd. We werer able to deliver funds raised in the Bring and Buy auction April 14th and get an update on the case. In terms of legal proceedings there has not been a lot of progress, most of…Read More

Samakaba Batangas: Update on Talisay 3

Thank you very much for the continued support to the Talisay 3. The last dec 7 formal trial was a positive one for our side. the arresting officer presented, as witness, was not able to identify the three young organizers as per interrogated by our lawyer,…Read More

Audio File from Political Detainees

New years Message From Talisay 3 to OCHRP

The Pale Moon, Witnesses the Soul Blindfolded and crawling like a turtle On the grassy and rocky unknown place The soul begs For Freedom For Justice But what the soul receives Is a gun over the head The soul pleaded I am just a servant Of the hungry masses…Read More
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