"Tis the Season!

Happy Holidays! As the holidays are upon us, we hope that the season will shine a warm, caring light on you, your families, and the animals alike. May the New Year bring peace and comfort to all. http://www.animalsangels.org/media-news/newsletters

On the Road with Animals' Angels

At Animals' Angels we're grateful for the volunteers who help us with our investigations. One such volunteer was kind enough to share her first experience with AA and in turn we wanted to share it here with all of you. Below is an investigation from a…Read More

Presidio Export Pens 7/7/14-7/9/14

In Marfa, the driver pulled over next to a gas station to get something to eat. The investigators were able to document the conditions of the horses inside the trailer. One of them had a horrific injury on his left hind leg. The lower leg was swollen to…Read More

Broken Arrow Wild Horse Holding Facility, Fallon, NV 5/20/14-5/24/14

Broken Arrow is no stranger to controversy. Although hard-working American tax dollars pay for the operations of the facility, after the infamous Calico round-up of 2009/2010 and public outcry over images of emaciated foals, injured or ill animals taken…Read More

Switzerland's Largest Retailer Cuts Ties with Bouvry Exports

Animals' Angels is thrilled to announce that Migros, Switzerland's largest retail company & supermarket chain has decided to terminate its contract with Bouvry Exports and will no longer buy meat from the Canadian supplier. This is indeed tremendous news…Read More

Winter Horse Auction, La Junta, CO 4/25/14

Shortly thereafter, Jason started to load his horses. As usual, his handling was aggressive and impatient, forcefully using a whip to make the frightened horses move into the trailer.…Read More

Shipshewana Livestock Auction, IN 4/16/14

Towards the back of the barn were the pens with all the former “dairy” cows. Many of them were in appalling condition, limping skeletons with heavy, full udders. Some of them were so thin that their hip bones appeared to be protruding through their skin and…Read More
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