Royal Bengal Tiger is the natinal animal of our motherland, Bangladesh. Let's do something to save it from extinction.

Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of our motherland, Bangladesh. During the last century, we have lost 90 percent of the wild tigers, and three of eight sub species. Habitat losses and the extremely large-scale incidences of poaching are serious threats to species survival. Poachers kill tigers not only for their pelts, but also for body parts used to make various traditional East Asian medicines. Other factors contributing to their loss are urbanization and revenge killing. Farmers blame tigers for killing cattle and shoot them. Poachers also kill tigers for their bones and teeth to make medicines that are alleged to impart the tiger's strength to the human who consumes the medicine. The hunting for Chinese medicine and fur is the biggest cause of the decline of the tigers. This situation must be changed soon, or this magnificent animal, a very important part of ecology, Royal Bengal Tiger will become extinct, and we will remain responsible for this great loss.

1. Save Royal Bengal Tigers from extinction

2. Stop killing Royal Bengal Tigers

3. Protect the habitats of Royal Bengal Tigers from destruction

4. Increase the number of Royal Bengal Tigers

5. Improve the present condition of the habitat of Royal Bengal Tigers