To help raise funds to save an elephant from a life of torture and donate it to the Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai

Nine year old Jack has a passion for saving Thailand's tortured elephants and he has raised $6500NZ on his own by holding crazy hair days at local schools, garage sales, a celebrity auction and selling chocolate cakes and paintings he has made.

Jack has named his charity "A Life Like Lily" in honour of his amazing friendship with an elephant called Lily. Lily was once a drug addict and forced to work 24/7 for her greedy owners until she was left chained to a tree and left to die. "Lily is now a very happy, healthy, funny, brainy, gentle elephant living at the Elephant Nature Park. I want other elephants to get to live there too and be happy and get to be real elephants just like Lily"

Please read more of Jack's story and find out how to donate ... Thank You from Robyn, Viv, Tracy and especially Jack.

Originally Jack’s main ambition for his family’s holiday was to see elephants playing soccer and painting pictures. Embarrassingly his parents had to admit that they had no idea what brutality elephants must endure to learn such circus acts. Luckily during research on the internet his mother Viv stumbled upon a blog written by a past guest of the Elephant Nature Park not long before they were due to leave for Thailand.

Seeing an elephant show was Jack’s dream, so the decision of where to experience the elephants was handed over to him along with all the information they had at the time. It was an easy choice for him and his parents were relieved and proud of his decision to give up his dream in exchange for the more ethical choice of the Elephant Nature Park.

At the Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai in Thailand, there is no exploitation of these endangered noble giants, no confinement with chains, nor will you ride in saddles on top of their backs. The lucky elephants who get to call this sanctuary home will never work again, nor will they be abused... Instead they are happy and healthy, forming family groups of their own choosing, and living out the remainder of their lives in peace and with dignity.

At the park Jack was introduced to an elephant that had been donated by an American couple who had visited the park a week earlier and in doing so, had saved it from a life of misery begging on the streets of Bangkok. Jack instantly wanted to save an elephant too. His parents explained to Jack how they could not afford to do the same and although he was disappointed it was assumed that was the end of the idea.

They were very wrong as they found out several days later when Jack brought up the subject again, only this time he had a plan. Jack had thought up at least ten different fundraising ideas to help raise the money needed to save an elephant.

Jack is an incredibly determined little boy and his endevours to save an elephant has also seen him educating many people along the way and influencing them to choose sanctuaries and responsible travel over elephant shows and trekking companies.

Jack has got several orders for his paintings, as well as a motor bike trail ride and a 25km sponsored walk planned for later this year. Several people have volunteered from around the world to hold their own sponsored walk for Jack at the same time, same distance he holds his.

Jack has still got along way to go to get to his goal so your help would be gratefully accepted.

New Zealanders or Australians can donate at any Westpac bank:

Account Name: A Life Like Lily

Account Number: 03 0442 0248409 00

For Paypal the email address is:
[email protected]

You can also go to the ENP site (see link) they don't have a direct donations account however they have an on-line shop with all profits going to the elephants. They have an adoption programme but that is full until July 2010 (great for them that the elephants at the park are well cared for). You can also purchase either an elephant medical kit for $25US which covers 2 vet visits or a single elephant lunch for $10US.