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Jack's MRI at Children's Hospital Boston

We left for Boston last night after Roxanne came home from work. We have been going through this "scan anxiety" for 3 years now and it is worse now because after going through 2 years of stable; you forget how to hear anything else. After having growth the last scan and all of the emergency surgeries it seems like the stakes are higher this time around. We are going to stop this all night driving thing; it adds too much stress on to an already loaded powder keg.

We left at 1:30 am last night and arrived at CHB this morning at 7:00 am for an 8:15 scan. Jack made his first medical decision on his own; he chose to have an IV instead of his port accessed for sedation. He was absolutely great with the stick and the MRI. He kept waking up and was restless as they tried to shove the nose canula in, so they skipped it. We met with his oncology team and they reported that everything is stable, with the exception of one can't tell.

Specifically, Jack has three tumor locations in his head, primary was in the back of his head and was the largest, behind his eyes and along the rim of his 4th ventricle, all of these look stable or smaller. His cyst looks to be totally collapsed and described as a "deflated balloon" , his shunts, and stents all look to be working well.

The one "not sure" location is a tumor on Jack's spine that may be 1 mm larger (but it also could be that the angle of the picture is a little different due to positioning)

So all in all, this appears to be very good news; we continue to pray for Jack to have strength to continue on with the remaining 45 weeks of treatments and that the chemo kills this cancer once and for all. We also pray that some of these new medicines become approved and turn out to be successful.

We have all been up 30 hours straight, and Roxanne after working 12 at the ER so we will rest up at the Ronald McDonald house in Boston and perhaps do the Swan boat tour tomorrow if its not raining or something fun and we will be back in Boston for September scan, hopefully with more great news.

Finally, we know this travel takes a heavy toll on us but being in the absolute right place for your child's treatment makes our effort worth it.

Warm regards,


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