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Never Dying Hope

Gopi Devi, a resident of Arghakhachi has had to endure a lot. Before the war, things were different than it is today. The Belbasi couple worked in the fields and although they had a big family of six to support, the thought of having each other must have been comforting. But as times changed, their lives took a new turn. This new turn was definitely an unwanted one for the Belbasis as well as many other Nepalese.

After the war, Gopi Devi’s husband went missing. Gopi Devi and her children are still hopeful, in spite of all these years that he is alive. She feels that she has had to tolerate a strong psychological dilemma. The death of her husband has not been declared and therefore, she assumes that he is living. Her financial status is very fragile and the amount she garners from hard work in the fields is negligible compared to the family size. She is in such a crisis that her elder son was compelled to leave his education to support the family. And the depressing thing is that the poor chap is merely eighteen and has his whole life ahead of him. Without education, he will have to overcome quite a few roadblocks.

Gopi Devi is in such a grave situation that she has not even had the courage to let anyone know about the incident. She is looking for some legal assistance so that she and her family can know the reality of her husband’s whereabouts. In terms of finances, she just has a home and land. Her immediate need includes legal expertise. Also, Gopi Devi feels that taking candle-making training will help her support her family. Thinking back to the ten year conflict and all that she has gone through, Gopi Devi wishes that no one has to suffer like that anymore because she hopes to see a serene Nepal.

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