No discrimination on the basis of marital status

Single women (widows) in Nepal are the vulnerable and marginalised section of the society. Though the term 'single women' encompass widows, separated wives, divorcess, wives of disappeared mainly due to conflict and those who are not married till 35 years, WHR works for the widows mainly as they have so much of socio-cultural discrimination and economically they are so weak. The state does not have social security schemes for single women (widows) except for the widows allowance of NRS. 500 monthly to those who have reached 60 years or over.

In Nepal, Women for Human Rights, single women group (WHR) is an NGO that works solely for single women (widows) and their children.

WHR currently has 45,000 and more single women who are trained to act as agents of change in their respective communities.

-"Aadhar"- saving credit program of WHR has provided loans to many single women to start small scale businesses which acts as a supportive mechanism to sustain themselves and their family.

-Over 1000 children of single women and many young single women have received scholarship support for their education from the "Opportunity Fund."

-WHR has trained and mobilized over 200 Social Mobilizers, Para Legal volunteers and counselors.

- WHR has managed to raise issues concerning the need for social security schemes for single women at the national level.

-WHR is in the process of building a "Chhahari" which is a secure and safe space established for conflict affected, vulnerable and needy single women that will cater to build their self confidence and develop skills through various capacity building programs along with counseling and skill development trainings.

1. More than 45,000 Single Women (widows) and their children in Nepal are facing economic and social challenges

2. Single Women are identified as inauspicious, symbol of ill women and the cause of the death of their husbands

3. 29% of the single women are illiterate and 67% are under the age 35 with an average 3-4 children

4. Our goal is to empower single women economically, politcally, socially and culturally to live dignified lives enjoying values of human rights

5. Please support by visiting www.whr.org.np