2013 Important Prolife Legislation at the South Carolina Statehouse

Today and tomorrow Senate Bill 0204 will be in committee. Please take a moment to call these Senators and voice your opinion for LIFE.  S 0204 General Bill, By Bright (https://www.facebook.com/#), Bryant (https://www.facebook.com/#) and Verdin…Read More

2011 SC Pro-Life Legislation Update

Hey Folks, I was having a hard time sleeping and I felt compelled send out an update. So, here's a quick update on 2011 Pro-Life Legislations. You can visit http://www.sccapitolvotes.org/ for updates on any legislative topic. House Bill 3403 - Further…Read More

Awaiting the Governor's signature...

Here is the bill we've been waiting for! http://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess118_2009-2010/prever/3245_20100616.htm Please write a thank you note to the legislators who supported the bill! They NEED to hear from us when they get it right, too!

SC Senate Passes a 24-Hour Bill

From Oran Smith... Yesterday, the South Carolina Senate passed their version of a bill requiring a 24-hour reflection period before an abortion would be allowed. The Senate version is significantly different from the House bill in scope and sheer number of…Read More

Your work has paid off!

BREAKING NEWS It appears that the SC Senate will be taking up the 24 Hours for Life bill (H3245) sometime this afternoon. Please pray for a positive outcome.

Please Call Sen McConnell Today

We're asking all of our group members to call Sen. McConnell today. Please encourage him to help set H3245 for Special Order as soon as possible. Glenn F. McConnell [R] Attorney/Businessman, Pres. Pro Tempore Dist. No. 41 - Charleston Co. 27 Bainbridge Dr.,…Read More

Call your SC Senator AGAIN!

Courtesy of Palmetto Family: The South Carolina Senate has on its Calendar right now a bill (H.3245) to give a woman the full 24 HOUR reflection period after an ultrasound of her baby instead of ONE HOUR. BUT, the Senate has NOT made the bill a priority! If…Read More
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