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Please help spread the word about this unique Horse & Farm Animal Rescue. It cost a lot of money to feed all these animals so there is no money left over to advertise. Hopefully by using Face Book we can generate tons of fans and get the word out about…Read More

A note from Pattie

As I was composing an email to Shirley regarding her awesome results so far for the bake sale, over 28 committed bakers with over 40 products, I mentioned something that I should share with all of you: We are so lucky to have; Shirley, in charge of the Bake…Read More

Art and Bake Sale March 21st

The Art and Bake Sale event plans are coming right along! We should have a plethora of baked goodies for dogs, horses and people too! Saw a few pieces of art today, they're from twins that take riding lessons, if their work is an example of things that will…Read More

Moose the hog

Solshne Car just posted a photo to your cause, Save the Animals Today Horse & Farm Animal Rescue (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/438843?m=cab7c5f5): Here's a great picture of Moose, he was a 4H project, the little girl who raised him just couldn't let…Read More

Correction for Photo link

 Sorry all, for some reason the link to the Moose and Ramses photo was broken, this one should work http://s31.photobucket.com/albums/c396/solshne/DudetteRanch/?action=view&current=moose-ramses1.jpg   Solshne Car Cause Admin

Great News! Another rescue horse finds a Sponsor!!

Dakota is a tall rangy bay Quarter horse gelding, he was a competitive working cow horse in his younger day. But a knee injury ended his show career. Dakota totally healed from his injury years ago, but he still favored it; not out of pain but out of fear. So…Read More

{ress Enterprise Blog Horsin' Around

Here is a link to the blog I do for the Press Enterprise Inland Empire. Please leave a comment requesting that I blog about the rescue horse stories. The more places I can get the word out the better. We need donations to keep the rescue…Read More
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