Important--Twitter Impostor

Emily Brown just posted a video to your cause, Stop the Impostors! ( Dear Members, Found this on Winchester Bros' page--Genevieve does not have Twitter. If you are following anyone using her name IT IS AN…Read More


Dear Members, Wow...when I started this cause I had no idea it would ever get to be this big! I think I can speak for the other two admins when I say that this means a lot to us. By being members, you are committing to not letting what happened to all of us…Read More


We're nearly at 60 members! Thank you so much, everybody, for your commitment at getting rid of these creeps and keeping fans and celebrities safe on Facebook! I'd also like to thank our other two administrators, Hillary and Katie, for their continued…Read More

J and J DO NOT have Facebook or Twitter Video

Here is the link for the video which shows Jared and Jensen telling everyone that they do not have Facebook or Twitter.
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