Workshop: ‘Exploring the Potential for ensuring Sustainable Development by Implementing the Public Trust Doctrine in Ireland’

The Environmental Pillar, and the Centre for Environmental Living & Training (CELT) invite you to attend a workshop, explaining how we can protect our environment and secure our natural resources and heritage for the common good, using a constitutional…Read More

Happy Solstice - Save Stonehenge!

Happy Solstice to you all, from Ireland. This year, please take a moment to sign the Save Stonehenge petition, being made by the Stone Henge Alliance, in response to the proposal to build a tunnel through Stonehenge World Heritage Site. SAVE STONEHENGE…Read More

Irish Examiner – Analysis: Rocky history of our right to natural riches

[This post is being sent, to ask you to support Public Trust Ireland (PTI) - which is campaigning for a constitutional referendum on the constitutional right to natural resources, and the public trust doctrine, which includes heritage rights, and protect…Read More

Please like Public Trust Ireland (PTI) calling for a referendum on State trusteeship of natural and cultural resources

Thank you for supporting the Save Newgrange campaign, and helping to successfully protect the UNESCO World Heritage site at Bru na Boinne from the N2 Slane Bypass development. We are now asking you to seal that high level of protection in the Constitution,…Read More

Petition to Minister for Heritage Deenihan to Declare New Boyne Passage-Tomb a National Monument

PETITION TO MINISTER FOR HERITAGE JIMMY DEENIHAN to declare the newly discovered passage-tomb in the Boyne Valley a national monument, and to fund a research project into this and all the other new sites discovered in the Brú na Bóinne/Newgrange UNESCO site,…Read More

Meath Chronicle: ‘Ground radar uncovers a new monument close to Newgrange’

This new discovery shows the extent of the Bru an Boinne complex has yet to be finally determined, and it is now incumbent on the Government to perform LiDAR testing on the entire area surrounding the UNESCO World Heritage…Read More

Meath Chronicle: ‘Tara Watch group pays tribute to poet Heaney’ & other interesting stories

The Meath Chronicle has a number of interesting items relating to the Hill of Tara and the M3 motorway this week, as well reports on significant new archaeological discoveries at Brú na Bóinne,and the Hill of Loyd. Most surprisingly, it features an editorial…Read More
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