Donate $11 During National Diabetes ACTION Month!

Dear JDRF Cause supporters, November is almost over -- don't miss this chance to make a vital donation to diabetes research. More than 80% of JDRF's expenditures go toward research to better treat and cure type 1 diabetes (T1D). JDRF will not rest until T1D…Read More

One last thing - I Promise ;-)

I have added a link directly to JDRF for those who don't want to or don't need to purchase pump cases from Angel Bear Pump Stuff, Inc. Donations made through this link will go directly to JDRF. 2% of Angel Bear's pump case sale donations will be made by…Read More

Pictures to remind us why we fund raise

Cindy Webb just posted a photo to your cause, Help Me Raise Money for the Juvenile Diabetes Reasearch Foundation (JDRF) ( Thanks, Cindy Webb 60m Ashley Dance Competition 3-2009 - Keep on Dancing Kids-we're…Read More


Anyone that purchases an insulin case from Angel Bear Pump Stuff - be sure to put "FB Donation" in the comments section when you check out so I can start sending money JDRF's way. Tell your friends who may purchase to do that as well. I want JDRF to get every…Read More
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