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Sydney Forest Fundraiser 20 November. A must for Sydney forest friends

Mumbulla koala habitat logging is over for now, but is likely to resume next year after the NSW election. Campaigners are preparing for this and are continuing the wider campaign to end woodchipping of native forsts.
Sydney Forest Fundraiser 20 November is a must for Sydney forest friends
Fundraiser fancy dress party - Cops and Loggers - for the South East Forests on Saturday 20 November at the Petersham Town Hall, starting at 7.30pm. This is your invitation to a great night out!

Come as your inner hippie, koala, cop or logger. Only $30 a head!
For a light hearted evening of fun and music led by the Skat Kats who will keep us dancing all night. Also appearing are singer/guitarist Dean Carroll (Earthworker), the amazing Ecopella Choir and comedians the Shining Witts. Lots of prizes for costumes (yes, it's a fancy dress party!) and eco trivia fun. You can buy inexpensive but yummy food at the party as well as drinks.

We would love you and your friends to come and help us to continue the campaign to protect our wonderful forests from the bulldozers and woodchippers -save the trees and our wonderful wildlife, protect our water supplies and fight climate change - all at the same time just by saving forests!

Book a table of 6 (or 2 tables?) with friends and we will start the night for you with a lovely bottle of wine or top quality mineral water, as you like.

Please book or let us know you are coming ( email [email protected]) and please help promote the night! Book now, the forests need you and your friends, and we all need some fun!

Contact: Noel Plumb
0425 23 83 03
Protecting Forests and Wildlife
South East Forests Fundraiser - Fancy Dress Party- Saturday Night 20 Nov.
Saturday, 20 November 2010 at 19:30
Petersham Town Hall Sydney Australia

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