Tell Environment Minister Robyn Parker: koalas and logging don't mix!

Minister Parker said on 27th October 2011 that logging is good for koalas. In fact, logging now threatens the last koala population on the far south coast and must be stopped for the sake of this much loved animal. In less than one minute, you can email her…Read More

Nippon Paper email address

My apologies. Mr Koji Yoshino's email address is: Omitted from previous posting. Please try to email him today to save Bermagui Forest koala habitat.

Email Nippon Paper to support Bermagui Forest Koala Habitat

Can you email Mr Koji Yoshino, of Nippon Paper in Tokyo, today or tomorrow? Suggested message: Please stop using native forest woodchips, especially when they come from koala habitat. Logging of Bermagui State Forest threatens the future of the…Read More

Bermagui koala habitat forest logging tour this Saturday 25th June

Come on a guided tour of the area logged in 2008-09 & see that the forest where logging started this week. Hear about real forest ecology, not the PR spin you get from Forests NSW. When: Saturday 25th June at 2pm Where: Wills Rd, off Bermagui-Wallaga…Read More

First Mumbulla koala court court case decided this week

More than 6 months after logging of Mumbulla Forest koala habitat forest was suspended until after the NSW election next March, the first court case of a person defending koala protest charges was decided this week in Bega. Keith Hughes, who represents The…Read More

Sydney Forest Fundraiser 20 November. A must for Sydney forest friends

Mumbulla koala habitat logging is over for now, but is likely to resume next year after the NSW election. Campaigners are preparing for this and are continuing the wider campaign to end woodchipping of native forsts. Sydney Forest Fundraiser 20 November is a…Read More

Millions pledged to loggers: both major parties sell out the forests and their wildlife for loggers votes

Millions pledged to loggers: both major parties sell out the forests and their wildlife for loggers' votes. Yesterday the Liberal Party promised upwards of $42 million for the woodchipping and logging industries, including direct cash payments of $20 million…Read More
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