Bihar, India

Last Week MEDIC completed a 3 day training for Bihar India . We are partnering with a missions team from United world Missions. They will be implimenting our microfianace in this area of India. Microfinance will bring hope to the people in this area of India.

Ebenezer’s Mango Seedling Farm

Ebenezer Martey grows mango seedlings on about 12 Acres of Land that is for Sale. He was granted a loan of 400 Ghana cedis (417.00 USA) to expand his business. He purchased more raw material with the funds. This has increased his productivity.

Client stories form the field

Client stories from the field : MEDIC Benin- Benin West Africa Mrs. ANAGO Yvette is 32 years old and married. She is dressmaker and has 4 children. One of her children is in 7th grade of school and the three others children are at primary school. She is…Read More

M.E.D.I.C International partmers with MercyShips in Togo, West Africa

MEDIC Microloans for Elom Posted by Marius on Sep 20, 2010 at 04:06 pm to Mercy Ships blog: When Elom Ladjebo arrived at the Africa Mercy, she was excited and hopeful. She was elated when Mercy Ships provided a free surgery to remove the tumor from her neck –…Read More
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