What is your Holiday Plans?

Hi Everybody, I just wanted to take a moment during this time of year and re-connect with all the wonderful members of this cause. I am hoping to see people stop by and post what their holiday plans are going to be. Hope that this finds you all well. Safe…Read More

30 days and counting

That's right everyone, just 30 days until opening day in Revere, MA. Obviously there is not too much to report on in the off season so there is much excitement for the beginning of the season as it come with much fun and news. I'd like to encourage everyone…Read More

We're Getting Closer

Hey all, just saying hello to everyone. We are just over a month away from the start of the 09 season starting. This is the time of year when everyone is taking off to trade shows and fixing up the game trailers. While I personally don't know exactly when…Read More

Carnie soundtrack

Hey all! Just a quick note, check the media board below for a link to the Carnie Soundtrack playlist. We of course are welcoming suggestions for more songs. Hopefully you all enjoy the compilation!

Welcome to our new Co-Administrator, Carnie Soundtrack

Well hello all, welcome to 2009. So as some of you may or may not have noted, Carol Welch is now a co-administrator of the cause. Carol will hold all the same responsibilities and permissions on the cause as I. Carol is currently compiling media for a slide…Read More

New Years, Resolutions, Memories

The New Year of 2009 is upon us folks, in a little over 36 hours we will be drinking, laughing, and counting down the seconds. So who has a new year's resolution this year? Tell us about them, let us know your big plans for the year ahead. It's always fun to…Read More

Winter in Carnieville

Obviously this cause is meant for a fairly isolated group and is more for fun than anything. Fell free to have fun with it, let us know how you feel about working, meeting new people and any other carnival related things. Anyone that plans on returning to…Read More
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