We could use some help from animals lovers!

My husband just recieved a layoff notice and so our rescue could use some help.  We have a lot of mouths to feed and these animals have no place else to go.  We take in the unwanted.  Our horses have lameness, behavioral and age related issues.  We have…Read More

September ups and downs at Final Patrol.

Well the Summer went fairly smooth for us at Final Patrol. As we slowly move into Fall, we have had some up and downs. First of all, we finally went forward and got our well drilled. This means we can now install automatic waterers and no more hauling water…Read More

Check out Final Patrol Equine and K-9 Retirement Ranch

If you love animals then check out our Retirement Ranch for Canines and Equines. We specialize in giving a home to working animals, animals with physical defects or illnesses, as well as animals with age related issues. We currently care for a deaf Great…Read More
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