In loving memory of Prhaze 2/15/06-1/15/10

We need to raise awareness of child abuse. Protetive service depantments are over loaded and state funds are low, this causeing children like Prhaze to be placed in unsafe, harmful, abusive, and wose deadly situations. Myself alone it will be hard to make change, I need you. Together as an army, We Can Make Change!

1. If you see signs of abuse, and your heart is tell you something may be wrong, Speak up. If you don't and you were rite, you have to live with that.

2. A child is abused every minute arround the World. Protective Service Dept. are over loaded. This causing children like Prhaze to slip though the crack

3. For more info please visit http://www.thetimesherald.com/article/20100120/NEWS01/1200311/Friends-seek-justice-for-Prhaze